Patent Registration helps in protecting inventions while invention must be unique and innovative. Do you want to protect your work from getting plagiarized? Then it is high time to get your patent registration done. At Aavana get an expert consultation on patent registration in Bangalore or any other city in India.If you are looking for a Patent Registration or finding it difficult to protect the authenticity of the product, then Aavana Corporate Solutions located at Bangalore will assist you with all the procedure involved in Patent Registration. With a highly experienced staff, we offer the best services to our customers which is reliable and affordable.

A patent is an exclusive right granted to the patentee for his/her innovation for a limited period. The patentee will have the complete rights for controlling, making, using, selling or importing a patented product. Once the Patent Registration is complete, nobody can use the invention without the prior consent of the patentee.

Patent Registration in India is controlled by The Patent Office, Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks. The application can be filed electronically along with the provisional or complete specifications as prescribed by the government authority.

Any invention with respect to a process, art, manufacturing method, chemicals, drugs, and computer software, and accessories can be included as Patent Registration. The patent registration process is valid for a period of 20 years from the date patent registration is filed with the concerned authorities.


    • Unique - Invention must be newly developed and should not be under any previous production.
    • Non-Obviousness - Innovation must not be obvious. It must be an unexpected development considered by a skilled person.
    • Applicable for industries – Invention must be capable to use in the industry


    • Patented products have better credibility and trust in the market
    • It helps build business around the invention
    • Patent helps in raising capital for business
    • One can sell the patent
    • Being the owner, one has the rights to block others from making, selling or using the patent

Documents Required For Copyright Registration

    • An Application for Patent Registration in Form-1
    • Complete specifications in Form-2
    • A statement and an Undertaking in Form-3
    • Inventorship declaration from the inventor in Form-5
    • A proof from the inventor regarding the right to file a Patent Registration application
    • Patent attorney or the Power of authority in Form-26

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